Injection Molding


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Injection molding includes injecting the molten plastic into the mold and then solidifying it to get the required product. It is the perfect method for the mass production of high-quality plastic bottles. Plastix, one of the leading injection bottle manufacturers in the industry, offers efficient injection molding. We use the latest cutting-edge technology along with state-of-the-art equipment for this process. If you need plastic jars, bottles, or any other related product, you can count on us.

The process we use for injection molding is divided into six steps.

  • Clamping
  • Injection
  • Dwelling
  • Cooling
  • Mold opening
  • Removal of products

The injection molding machine contains an extruder barrel and screw. The screw rotates to melt the polymer. The molten polymer accumulates in front of the screw.


This is the first step of injection molding after melting the polymer. Once enough polymer forms in front of the screw, we apply the clamping force to open the die.


During this step, the molten polymer is injected into the mold. After opening the die, we rotate the screw that feeds the molten plastic into the mold.


Once the cavity fills up, we apply the dwell pressure to form the shape of the bottle. The mold form the outer shape of the bottle, and the core rod forms the internal shape.


After the dwelling, the cooling process starts quickly to cool the plastic product.


After cooling the plastic, the mold is open using clamping force.


Lastly, the final product is removed from the machine, and the process starts over.

Being the best plastic injection molding factory in the region, we make sure that all this process goes seamlessly and safely. It ensures that we get the perfect final product for our clients.


When it comes to plastic bottles wholesale, every manufacturer has its own areas of expertise. Some of them are experts in PET blow molding, and some are good at extrusion blow molding. Plastix is a one-stop shop for you. We have experience in all kinds of plastic blow molding processes. Whether you are looking for a PET bottles manufacturer in Lahore or need a plastic extrusion expert, we are the name to rely upon.

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